Árvores e Bosques (Trees and woods) is part of Green Land Blue Planet. Trees and woods/forests are essential for the sustainability since they prevent the soil erosion, moderate the weather, absorb carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen, retaining pollutants and particles suspended in the atmosphere, improve the groundwater quality, regulate the hydrological regime of hydrographic basins, produce/store energy in the form of wood, feed and provide shelters for wild animals, provide tasty fruits, and much more.

  • Essentials to life

Trees are essentials to life on our planet as they provide shelter, food and nesting sites, oxygen, contribute to the water cycle and to soften the climate; promote biodiversity and to improve the arable layer of the soil through the deposition of organic matter and nutrients.

  • Sustainable Energy Source

Trees have the amazing ability to retain the CO2 abundant in the atmosphere (with the release of O2) and turn it into cellulose (lignin) – wood. Meaning that they can provide a source of sustainable energy as long as the areas with trees are well maintained.

  • Pleasure and Well-being

Trees and woods have the amazing power of pleasure us and improve our well-being. The colors, the sounds, the soft and fresh air, the odors, the life that is witnesses, the waving of the leaves, and so many things, make part of a “beauty” that provides inner peace.

Árvores e Bosques (trees and woods) are very important allies to:

prevent soil erosion, three effects help preventing the erosion: the roots network, the deposit of leaves on the soil surface and the reduction of the wind speed and the rain intensity by the canopies;

increase the soil fertility due to the replenishment of nutrients occurred by the decomposition of leaves, bark and branches on the soil surface. Trees have the ability to remove soil nutrients from deeper layers of the soil and deposit them on the soil s

moderate climate due to the shadow effect on the soil, which prevents it from being subject to large temperature variations, and the effect of moisture released from the leaves which results in soften temperature and high relative humidity. These two effe

retain carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis;

storage energy through the production of polymers of carbon and hydrogen, more commonly known as timber or wood;

feed animals and humans the fruits that the trees produce are the main source of food of many animal species;

stimulate and protect the activity of microorganisms and small animals at ground level, which are essential to mobilize, aerate and decompose the organic matter, making the whole ecosystem richer in nutrient;

improve the groundwater quality and regulate the hydrological regime of hydrographic basins.

Árvores e Bosques (trees and woods) is intended to guide and facilitate the creation of sustainable value through the installation of trees and / or Woods, assist with advice on what to plant, where to plant, how to maintain and care for and, while spreading trees and woods through cities and rural areas, call attention to the emergency of preserve the existing “untouched” forest areas.

Each space and person as its own characteristics and personality, we can help you to design your outdoor space, choosing the most appropriate set of trees for that space and your needs.